The Hunt Cinematic Song
The Wishing Tree Cinematic Song
Clair de Lune Solo Instrument Song
Eery Demo Video Game Song
Adagio for Love Classical Song
Sadness Is Gone Classical Song
Milkdromeda's Prophecy Cinematic Song
Santa's Nice List "Orch" Classical Song
Stupid sexy jazz Jazz Song
Farewell... Grandfather Classical Song
Highland Battlefield Classical Song
LoZ:Death Mountain "Orch" Video Game Song
Zelda-Master Sword "Orch" Video Game Song
Final Victory "Orchestra" Cinematic Song
Auschwitz Ghosts Classical Song
Mario Bros Underwater-Ita Video Game Song
Memories of Childhood Classical Song
SMB3 Underwater "L'Italia Video Game Song
Zelda: Lttp Credits Orche Video Game Song
Lavender Town - Orchestra Video Game Song
Zelda's Lullaby - Minish Video Game Song
Super Mario Bros 3 - Over Video Game Song
Super Mario World Loop Video Game Loop