Favorite Audio

Light in the Darkness Classical Song
The Trombone Blues Jazz Song
A Whole New World Classical Song
Polterswing Pop Song
Under Your Bed S6N9 Classical Song
Ascension Solo Instrument Song
Streets of Whiterun Vocal Classical Song
In Memory of Buoy Cinematic Loop
BraveHearted Classical Song
Nightmare City Miscellaneous Song
Breath of Air Classical Song
Wonderous Classical Song
The Kingdom (NG-OP 100) Classical Song
Roma [Int.] Classical Song
The Noble Cause Classical Loop
Arise Once More Classical Song
Princess Marion Classical Song
Toma mi Mano esta Noche Classical Song
Zelda: LttP - Ending Theme Video Game Song
**MK64 Rainbow Road** Video Game Song
- Sorrow - Miscellaneous Loop
MK64 - Rainbow Road ( RMX9 ) Video Game Loop
Death Of A Ship Classical Song
Lucy on Newgrounds General Rock Loop
Zelda's Lullaby on Guitar Video Game Song
Super Mario Bros. (Punk Cover) Punk Song
SMW: Forest Of Illusion Video Game Loop
MarioRemix_LongMarch Video Game Song
Mario Brothers 3 - Hammer Bros Video Game Song
Super Mario World ROCK! Video Game Song
Mario Kart 64 - Beach de Koopa Video Game Song
SMB 2 - Overworld Video Game Song
SMW Ending (Remix) Video Game Song
Super Mario Piano Ragtime Video Game Song
HALO main theme Video Game Song
I LIKE YOUR HAT Miscellaneous Song
Khuskan: Outside (Absolut Fin) Trance Song
Super Mario Land Mega Mix Video Game Loop
[SD] SMB2 - Mario + Vegetables Video Game Song