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Hi, I'm Joseph Aldrich, I make music and animations (specially love making music),

28, Male

Look Behind You *-*

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okay, okay, okay, okay, so, Luigi is standing on an average plain, searching for Mario. He spots Mario over to the right a ways, and then sees him traveling in the opposite direction. Luigi dashes over towards the direction where Mario went, not showing his feet, and as he runs, he slows down for a second, stops, and realizes he is right on the edge of a giant cliff. He thanks that he didn't fall off, but as he turns around he sees mario behind him, gets scared, and falls off the very, very, very, very, very large hill, so he bounces down it. =)

Maybe you should make "Luigi: The World War III"

Oh, and by thw way. What does "olleh peeps" mean?

olleh = hello
peeps = peoples

1.get them in a giant toaster !
2.get them in a tube
Final: get them in a tube with a giant toaster in and find something thta will do that luigi will go in

Can i join haven't animated nothing in like 1 year.
I can make a few bloopers for ya. ^-^

I Wish i could maken aninaition on the Computer :(

MAybe you should make homonyms jokes.

That's pretty unoriginal.

I have nothing against the use of sprites. I do have a grudge against those who rotate and skew sprites thus misaligning the pixels.

I have "MY" style

HERE my idea...s:
1-luigi's restaurant(overwork and no friendly customers)
2-luigi dress like the peach for some party or something(first april), and is take captive by bowser. And when mario come to rescue him and see that she is luigi, he left luigi behind which come with a rape censored scene.
3-luigi join the football team and he is used as ball and get all hurts.
4-luigi go on a date with daisy and looking at moon saying that the moon is beautifull and he is ditched by daisy while a moon was coming his direction because it got envy of daisy and crash luigi also that was luigi last life.
5- mario and people is on luigi tomb crying over his death each one carrying a green mushroom and mario trow 1 in the coffin, and luigi comeback to life only to be killed by everyone here because they never liked him.
6(opitional)- luigi survive his funeral killing spree and is on hospital all hurt. And Mario is doctor. and remove his living machine(roll the credits while the beep is going down or screen going darker and luigi crying) and end with luigi death.

wanna be friends

iv got a great one!(by my opinion)

have lugie try to be gay and mario wants to kill lugie cuz how wrong that is

why would lugie try to be gay - lugie has no friends nor girl friends...

That's a SAAAAAD story man D:

i say start off in a resident evil thing, cut off wen hes goin g to be bitten, do the other ideas, then comeback to the zombies and just have luigi get owned by a mario terminator

i got one, it involves a castle, a computer and a whole lot of failed hacks
(to hack the castle away)

luigi plays super mario 64

i like sprites :3

Your latest animation was a thousand times better then all your others.

Luigi is playing Mario kart with Mario.
Luigi wins.(>9000 times)
and Mario just punches him all the way to bowser's castle.Then he falls in lava.:P

you should make a sprite of how miserble luigis life is like make where he loses his job then loses his wife then he gets robbed then he gets stabbed goes to the hospital then cant pay the hospital bill then loan sharks are after him then he gets raped then it turns out marios the raper then luigi trys to commit suicide then someone saves him and then his life becomes even more miserble : D

mario: luigi! >:(
luigi: heh?
mario: adoopahdaydoo! *shoots leg*
luigi: WAH! *falls*
*mario walks away and yoshi comes*
yoshi: :3 *cuts off hands ang eats*
luigi: *cries*
yoshi: *walks away*
peach *sees luigi* luigi! *helps up*
luigi: mamameeahh...
peach: *presses button*
twomp: GRR! *crushes luigi*

ok, so how's that?

How bout make luigi find a block and hits it and a bad mushroom comes out but luigi doent care about how it looks like and does and eats it and he turns small and says mama mia! Then mario comes and crushes him and dies and mario says Yahoo!end :3

Yoshi gone rabid, endless possibilities. =3

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