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Phenomenal, that piano in the begining is just so powerful! I love your ambient-epic bizarre stuff!

Emid responds:

Always thankful to you.

Very beautiful work mate!, it really sounds like Hans Zimmer's music and fits the Art very well!

Just one question:
Is that a cimbalom?

LunyAlex responds:

Thanks a lot!

Yep. That's a cimbalom.

Spitfire Grand Cimbalom to be exact.

Lovely work! It remids me of Hisaishi's piano solos...
I just wish it was a little longer :P

lacipor responds:

Thank you! :)

My original idea was that to write 4 short pieces with the titles "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" and "Winter", but I've finished the "Autumn" part only.

I'm planning to upload the remaining 3 parts later (if I'll have more free time to finish them..)

Very emotional, makes me feel like I'm in love :D
You have a great talent (:

Emid responds:

Aww thanks man. Your words are medals. Thank you :)

This is going to my favorites!, lovely work fellah! :)

Emid responds:

And that says all. With this comment I have already won the contest! Thank you so very much Joseph. Always value your presence.

Very good job dude!, you really do know how to make those strings dance :)

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thank you, I appreciate it

Very good sounding stuff dude! :)

Emid responds:

Thank you Joseph. Always happy to see you!

Haha, very clever, you made my day! :)

samulis responds:

I'm glad I made your day! Not having a day would be a very bad thing.

I love experimental stuff like this, very nice work guys! :)

samulis responds:

Thanks! I'll let Camo know. :)

Luctuosus, hauntingly sad but somewhat happy, the soloist makes a pause that kind of stops time, and the brass section in the enfing is regibus; the whole piece is simple, subtle and calming just the waay I like it!.

Very beautiful piece my friend!

Emid responds:

Thank you Joseph. Your presence always like a soothing vibe. Am glad that this piece was good enough to catch your attention.

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