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Remids me of chopin, I love chopin!... I love you :)

Phenomenal, that piano in the begining is just so powerful! I love your ambient-epic bizarre stuff!

Emid responds:

Always thankful to you.

Very beautiful work mate!, it really sounds like Hans Zimmer's music and fits the Art very well!

Just one question:
Is that a cimbalom?

LunyAlex responds:

Thanks a lot!

Yep. That's a cimbalom.

Spitfire Grand Cimbalom to be exact.

Lovely work! It remids me of Hisaishi's piano solos...
I just wish it was a little longer :P

lacipor responds:

Thank you! :)

My original idea was that to write 4 short pieces with the titles "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" and "Winter", but I've finished the "Autumn" part only.

I'm planning to upload the remaining 3 parts later (if I'll have more free time to finish them..)

Very emotional, makes me feel like I'm in love :D
You have a great talent (:

Emid responds:

Aww thanks man. Your words are medals. Thank you :)

This is going to my favorites!, lovely work fellah! :)

Emid responds:

And that says all. With this comment I have already won the contest! Thank you so very much Joseph. Always value your presence.

Very good job dude!, you really do know how to make those strings dance :)

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thank you, I appreciate it

I wish it was a bit longer

It's pretty good!, you just need to learn how to and when to use the percussion and add more divisi to the strings.
Celesta and small metalic mallets can add "color" or "bright" to some parts of your songs, if you mix this with the depth of the timpani you'll get a very nice efect, try bot to use the tubular bells a lot, yes I know they sond very cool!, but if you hear a bell lots of times it gets kind of boring with the time, if you want to add more epicness you can make a response with rhytmic phrase with the low brass and horns sections, also, very important, try to avoid the predominating use of sustained notes and make the notes "dance" rhytmically hope you get my point! :)

Very good sounding stuff dude! :)

Emid responds:

Thank you Joseph. Always happy to see you!

Hi, I'm Joseph Aldrich, I make music and animations (specially love making music),

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