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I see that your libraries are a bit old but who fu***g cares??
Very beautiful composition, I hear romance and magic everywhere! :D

my only criticism is... just try not to quantize a lot, mostly on the celesta or glockenspiel parts :)

Beautiful work man!

papkee responds:

Well, they're not old, they're just soundfonts. I had to search high and low for some decent sounding ones, but the result was worth it. Thanks!

Great taste!, but too short :(
I mean, you nailed it, I'd just love to hear a longer version of this piece... will ya? :)

Beartheshadows responds:

i planned on it. I wrote the next piece later that evening butI'm working on the details = D.

Nice playing mah gurl! :)

But remember that this is a site for uploading more "complete" stuff not "practice" or stuff like that, I have an idea, it might be helpful for you!, why don't go go to the Newgrounds audio forum and ask for a collab, I mean some people may need stuff like a viola to make their songs maybe a guitar... anything like that...

Or maybe people like me (I make orchestral music on the pc) may need a solo viola or violin, because there's nothing better that the real thing, let's admit thet solo instruments samples like "string" samples for this kind of production sucks so much.

Who knows? maybe we can collab someday, that would be great :)

Remember... just talk to people on the audio forum and ask if they need a viola player! :D

Nice one hehehe sounds like cartoons to me :3

Beethoven' moonlight sonata unedited version?

What they said ât"ât"ât"

hahah over 1300 views, 100, 107 dowloads votes and no commets?

That's nothing I see everyday... great loop man :)

Bosa responds:

Yes, very odd lol. Thanks for being the first!

I love it... that's all, sorry

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks Joseph!

When I voted this song I saw 1.10 on rating, there are two possible explanations, 1- someone accidentally pressed "0", or 2- someone is really jealous.

Great composition, filled with beauty, and the choirs, perfect!, quiet and delightfully set!, I like it's taste and the feeling!, I really like your work! :)

And you nailed it, it sounds so much like "Christmas" indeed!

P.S. I don't know if this suggestion is actually helpful, but I must say that the cello transition between 1:45 and 1:48 (D4 ==> C#4) is kind of "cliché", I've done many cliche things too, but well I'm just sayin' I gues that you know what I mean :D

To my personal taste this piece is 4.0 stars and 5/5....
....also, excuse my poor english :3

Keep up the great work man! :)

SimPhony responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to review my work! Coming from someone of your talent here on Newgrounds that mean a alot.
I've heard horror stories of the zero-bombers here on NG but It's hard to tell if people are just out to vote down every song they hear because they feel like it or if they genuinely found my music to really be that bad. Though it is a relief to see some people do like it.
Actually, I understand exactly what you mean by cliche. That part has been quietly gnawing at back of my mind for awhile. I'm kind of a sucker for those kind of parts in music. :)
I'm glad you mentioned it though. Now that someone else besides myself noticed it, it probably means I should try something different.
Thanks again for your words of encouragement and advice. It is an immense help!

Oh, and don't worry, your English is perfectly fine. :)

Nothing much for me to say, I love this kind of music , great composition man :)

descara responds:

Thanks a bunch! If you like this you'll probably like my submission to the RAC7(represent a country)-competition, check it out if you feel like it, it's my latest submission :)

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