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Very nice Sam :D

I love it lol :)

samulis responds:

Glad you like it. :)

This is such a beauty! :')

Going to my favorites in this right moment ! :D

Bosa responds:

Thank you. I had to study some works by Grozart for inspiration. I believe this is my masterpiece.

Very "gorgeously" done indeed Marky! :)

MarkySpark responds:

Cheers bro.

Very good... very good :)

EvilRaccoon responds:


This is a very complex, coherent and enjoyable melody, it seems that you put a big effort in this piece (I wish it was abit longer wit a solo piano perhaps, or maybe some soft solo strings in the middle of the piece followed by a beautiful crecendo with legatos and staccatos in order to return to the main melody again?), anywho, just sayin

Good to see you sticked with Altiverb and LASS! :)

P.S. Kind of agree with KillerBrig, but, if it's a Carnival Dance for you, the it is a Carnival Dance indeed!!

Emid responds:

Aha... long time...happy to see you again Joseph :) Well...see a musician IS a musician like you and a hobbyist like me can never reach to your level. At some point of time, I was thinking of adding some legato variations but I was getting lost and also running out of ideas so here it is. And yeah...I remember you encouraging me using Altiverb :) Also I agree with KillerBrig to a certain extent.

Thanks a bunch for your presence and insight.

Hey man, if I had enough money, I would give you a Steinway & Sons D, just to hear how would you sound!

MarkySpark responds:

I would sound pretty much the same :-)

Very nice composition!
It reminds me of Joe Hisaishi, his music is kind of jazzy and classical at the same time, a little bit "new age-ish" too...

Anyho, it is indeed a nice song, but it sounds atonal sometimes (badly), I mean mixing classical and jazz is not easy because the "mainstream" jazz has a lot of atonal notes tha't very important for jazz music, also that's what makes jazz sound like jazz (my humble opinion), classical music has no atonal features, so, that's why is hard to mix them both, you have to find the exact moment to put atonal jazzy sounds.

Hope I was helpful :)

3.5 - 4/5

camoshark responds:

Thanks, Joseph, glad you enjoyed the song!

It's funny you mention Hisaishi, because he was a big influence in the creation of this song! I really enjoy his style, and that was precisely what I was going for, so I listened to a lot of his stuff!

I'll have to disagree with you for the atonal part, though. There is a lot of atonality in modern classical music. Just look at Schoenberg, Ligeti, Penderecki and the likes. I have to admit that the atonal section in this song didn't come out as clean as I would have liked it to, and has most likely been spoiled by EWQL's processed sound, which contains WAY too much reverb and a sound much more suiting for Film Score than actual classical music.

Oh well, I'll just try harder next time, thanks again for the review!


Very clever piano melody mate!, a great one! :)

SimPhony responds:

Thank you very much! The only reason that melody came about was 'cause of Yuumei's story. It was one of those "YOSH, I've got it!" type moments that'll probably not happen again for a very long time.=)

This piece is very interesting, It's like you need to listen toit in every secong in order to know what's next, like a good story, but it lacks of a main melody (hope u get my point).

Keep it up dude, you make some nice stuff :)

stunkel responds:

Thanks! Glad you saw it that way! And yeah I guess i need to work on the melody stuff... Makes sense anyways :p I haven't done much cinematic music so I need as much practice as I can!

And thanks, and you make some great quality stuff!

yup.... stolen indeed

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