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It needs more "muchness" :)

Very nice! :)

LifesShadow responds:

Thank you so much :) and I'm sorry I didn't get back or post anything in a while my computer crashed and I had no way.

You're a very good player, with due respect, I find the use of electric guitars a bit "unlegit" for this piece, because, like the title said it is a lullaby, it's just like trying to play chinese music with bagpipes, or making an orchestral cover of the song "Gangman Style", but well, who am I to say how music should be? hope you'll know what I'm talking about.

Anywho... we all have to be open minded to different things!

One more thing (this message goes to the voting audience), I see no haters here, just people arguing their views, why hate someone for doing this? grow up!

Very well done mate! :)
the ambience is very legit,

to my personal taste, Lavender Town is a sad theme rather that and eerie tune, Virdian forest is the creepy one ._.

anywho, nice piece hehe n.n

Really nice and rich composition you've got here!

I like its "Dracul-quantized" feeling (that's my personal way to describe this)

Keep it up (y)

OpenLight responds:

Thank you!

I see that your libraries are a bit old but who fu***g cares??
Very beautiful composition, I hear romance and magic everywhere! :D

my only criticism is... just try not to quantize a lot, mostly on the celesta or glockenspiel parts :)

Beautiful work man!

papkee responds:

Well, they're not old, they're just soundfonts. I had to search high and low for some decent sounding ones, but the result was worth it. Thanks!

Great taste!, but too short :(
I mean, you nailed it, I'd just love to hear a longer version of this piece... will ya? :)

Beartheshadows responds:

i planned on it. I wrote the next piece later that evening butI'm working on the details = D.

Nice one hehehe sounds like cartoons to me :3

What they said ât"ât"ât"

hahah over 1300 views, 100, 107 dowloads votes and no commets?

That's nothing I see everyday... great loop man :)

Bosa responds:

Yes, very odd lol. Thanks for being the first!

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