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hahaha! I love it!
sounds so nice dude! very clever! :)

It's been like 6 years since I heard this song for last time,I even had forgotten its existence!

I agree with Jakemoore, you can't just do that man!

Very Well done!

So emotional and epic at the same time, I love how u used the solo flute.
Before I read the description I really thought that this piece was inspired in Hans Zimmer's work
You know (because of the percussion ensemble and the predominant use of cellos with solo woods)
(it really sounded like King Arthur's theme... kinda)

Don't worry man... there was no bleeding ears this time :)

SimPhony responds:

Thank you! Yeah, for the flute I was trying to find a substitute for an Asian themed woodwind instrument cause my current sound library lacks in that department. Hans Zimmer is one of my all time favorite composers, and in a sense, I was trying to capture the feel of his work but more along the lines of his Last Samurai OST rather than Arthur's. Though come to think of it, both Arthur and Last Samurai soundtracks do sound a lot alike in same areas. =)
Anyways, thanks again for the comment! It is very much appreciated!

Great choice of instruments!

I enjoyed it a lot mate :)

and this piece is so frikin' underrated! D:

that's all for me to say!


Made my feet move :3

nice remix n_n

that's all 4 me 2 say!

Reali-tGlitch responds:

I honestly didn't expect it to be so accepted here. I thought it wasn't very good. I have raved to this once or twice myself, though. :3


You got it, I liked the ways you use Brass <3
also the percussion n__n

what libraries do u use? :o

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Good question. I use basic instrument that come from FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral and Nexus in this piece.

Loved It

Reminds me of resident evil ambiences,, but this remix, has the "musical factor"?...

great job! :)

Great Cover

Just the simple sound of guitar I love how it sounds,
simple things are the most beautiful things.
But you could put more "spirit" on it, you know what i'm talking about!

Good Job Mate!

5/5 - 9/10

That's all I can say :)

Mau3000 responds:

Thanks, dude!
I know what you're talking about, feeling xP
Well, rlly thankfull for the 5/5 and the 9/10.

Hope you see my other songs!
See Ya!


This sounds like SSB Melee! :3

"Nice" Indeed! n.n

I wuz playing that game just a few hours ago! %u2665

IchiVo responds:

by chance the remake? :( can't play that yet because the 3DS is still too expensive for me...(and for what i does XD)..well have to go with the N64 <3

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