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Great Job!, clever use of octaves!, makes it sound "epic" indeed, But I still think that you must use more string staccatos, I liked it a lot!...

P.S. I use FL Studio, If you do, you'll have to teach me how to make loops ;3

Very nice work man, keep it up!

samulis responds:

Hey there, thanks for the review. I should look into using SS more; I use them more as accents of the melody line.

Regrettably, I use Finale, so I am afraid I can't teach you how to do it in FL.

Thanks again!

Great orchestration!, but It's a bit too loud mostly at the choirs!

Do moar :B

Bosa responds:

Indeed, sir. I shall! And also I will edit the song shortly per your request.

Awesome piece, 0:49 this is why I favorited this into my very tiny list of favorites!, very clever use of accordions dude! :3

Keep it up man! :D

Very Clever work indeed!, I love the use of the woodwinds, it's a very nice piece dude!

But I think the strings are a bit too loud (for my taste)
Keep up the good work man! :)

Nie orchestration dude! :)

I give you 4 stars because it's pretty good for your second orchestration, I suggesti you to use brasss staccatos to give it a more powerful attack!

nothing more for me to say this time!

I agree with Bosa, but you have characteristic style, by using solo violin adn tubular bells, the suceed is hidden in the unique style, I mean, it takes a lot of time to define yourself as a composer, but if you do, you might be a great film score composer! :)

I loved this composition!

I see in your description that your dream is to become a Orchestral/Cinematic composer!
Well, I am too, and I suggest you to work even more harder in your music! remember this man!: Is not only about being original, is about being inimitable!

Great work man respect! :)

samulis responds:

I hope to eventually find a definite style that stands out from that of many others... I presently use many conventions of "adventure" music that I am working on leaving for my own new ideas behind instrumentation and style. :)

Thanks for the advice and great review,

Excellent this piece gave me goosbumps!

Sounds like it's telling you a great story indeed!

This "compilation" of distinct but at the same time "alike" melodies is just so delightful, you used the harp very well and it really reminds me of the ancient Rome, also I loved the way you used the percussion and woodwinds!, oh!, and the ending was so "cinematic" if you want to call it that way!

But maybe you could fix those strings: 2:06... they suddenly stopped! It would be great if you slow them down so they can gently dissapear, anyways this is a great piece, you're very talented!

Definitely one of my favorites! :)

Your pieces are geting better and better!
I hope to see more of your work in the near future!

samulis responds:

I might try retouching the piece up a bit in a week or so... I wanted a more dramatic shift there, but might consider making a better transition.

I am happy you and others like the direction my style is progressing... hopefully NG Opus 100 will be a continuation of the feel I impart now with my work.

I agree with TwiTwi, It really gives you a "Beatles" taste
also this was very professional and it has a rgeat quality!
Congratulations dude! that's the music we need today, because nowadays commercial music just sucks.

You have a good voice maybe, one day, you could sell your music and become famous (who knows?), but for that, you have to be more "Authentic" , jjust give it a try

Excuse my silly meddling but I have a question!
Do you know anyone who can play the guitar, but something more like "metal or hard rock"?, i'm in the search for a guitarist to make collabs in the future! meybe we could collab :)

newhansen responds:

Thx for the useful review! I'm gonna give it a shot to create an 'own' sound in my next work, like u said. I hoped to get rid of the 'beatles taste' with this one :P. I wonder why people still hear the influences..

Well...as for the guitar. You should ask the April MAC winners. The theme was metal, so i guess you can find some talented people over there. The post should still be in the audioforum. Gl ;)

Absoultely Gorgeous!

I just noticed that the Horns and strings sections are kinda "too loud" in the transitions, Here's an example: at 0:38 between E5 and G5, you should make it softer (less attack) so it can sound more "natural", you know? just make it flow
That's all I have to say this time.

Very nice pice man! :)

samulis responds:

Hey, thanks for the review!

You make a good point. If I revise this, I will change that... although I think I only saved the song version (the submission after this one).

I just couldn't leave without leaving a review!
Your song is very impressive! This kind of music is my weak point!
sounds very "Utopic" and like Xympul said, it gives you the feeling like it's telling you a great story!
Also Congratulations.

I just have something to say: you could add more "Reverb" to the violin solo :) that would be awesome!

Very clever piece man!

I might be asking a lot, but maybe in the future you could do an other orhestral piece with electric guitars and drum stuff at the ending! It could actually work! ;D

Troisnyx responds:

Believe it or not, now that you mention guitars and drums... There ALREADY IS a version with those! :D I made it just about two months ago, and it's coming out in Kingdom of Herts' first album. I'll be sure to put the preview up on my News Posts once the thing is done, so that you may hear. That'll be lovely, I believe!

As for the reverb, noted. Thanks! I will take care of the mixing and make sure the new version is far better than this one.

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